Candid, raw, unedited behind the scenes.


for the social media lovers out there.

what's included:

One Wedding Content Creator

The unedited iPhone images and film clips delivered within 24 hours.

1 Social media short-form film, matched with licenced music and created from your day of sneak peek professional photos.

8 Social media iphone short-form films ready to post from your day, matched with licenced music.


3 Social media short-form films ready to post from your day, matched with licenced music, created from and delivered with your week of sneak peek professional photos.


What is the difference between a social media content creator and having a photographer or videographer?

That's a great question. A content creator, videographer and photographer all play different roles at a wedding.

Short-form social media content is anything from a few seconds long to just over a minute. The photos are raw, unedited and behind the scenes iPhone images delivered in bulk within 24 hours instead of curated in a gallery. The films are modern bite size snippets of your day and the images are not usually used for printing.

Professional photography and videography with me is a more curated and easy to consume gallery of your images and films. You're directed and artfully edited and the images and films are perfect for printing, sharing online or watching with tissues nearby.

Why use my team as your wedding content creator?

It's not just that it's really nice to have just one person to deal with instead of multiple different companies to liaise with and meet on the lead up to the wedding. Or even that our team works together as a well oiled machine to capture all the different aspects of your day without getting in each others way, allowing your guests to put down their phones and be present with you. It's still not even that we get you your bulk iPhone behind the scenes content within 24 hours. It's that along with those iPhone short-form films made for your Instagram Reels and TikTok posts, we also create beautiful short-form films ready to share from the beautiful professional imagery of your day and that we do it artfully, with licenced music and not a small amount of creativity.

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Our super fun assistants are our Wedding Content Creator for your day! These lovely ladies have been trained to shoot both photo and video for me professionally as well as behind the scenes content and reels and are amazing at what they do!

The bulk iPhone photos and video clips are delivered within 24 hours along with your iPhone reels. You'll receive one ready to post short-form film made from your professional sneak peeks on the day of your wedding with the additional professional image films for reels with your week of sneak peek.

The bulk content is perfect for those that want really fast content from their wedding day and also love to create their own posts, reels and templates.

You'll receive a pre-wedding questionnaire to cover off everything you'd like from your wedding content creator add-on. Everyone likes something a little different so we work together create things you will love!